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Sliven is a city in southeastern Bulgaria. It is known as “the town of the 100 voivodas (leaders)”, connected with the haidouk movement. The famous rocky massif Sinite Kamani ("The Blue Rocks") and the associated national park, the fresh air and the mineral springs, which are known for their healing powers, offer diverse opportunities for leisure and tourism.

With VEGER Rent a Car`s automobiles you can visit the city and its remarkable surroundings. We also offer transfers from and to every point of Bulgaria. 


The “Hadji Dimitar” museum house is a complex with several renovated buildings.

The museum house of Sliven traditions from the 19th century is interesting with its architecture.

 The “Hadji Dimitar” monument was built in 1935.

Other interesting sights are: the City Historical Museum, the Art Gallery “Dimitar Dobrevich”, the museum house “Dobri Chintulov”

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