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Rent a car Varna

If you are visiting Bulgaria, the seaside city of Varna is just 450 kilometres away from the capital Sofia, or 130 kilometres from Bourgas. Veger can make your journey a pleasure with Rent a Car Varna, if you are staying in Varna and wish to explore the capital, or if you arrive via Bourgas Airport. The comfort and luxury offered with the diverse vehicle series comprise cars that can match your needs, whether you come on your own or with your family. You can hire your car with Veger and choose in conformity with your needs. For sporty drives our 4X4 series vehicles meet all your expectations, and you can choose among Ssang Yong Rexton, which is extremely easy to drive, or Ssang Yong Kyron to take advantage of its huge boot if you have a lot of baggage. Veger’s 4X4 cars are dynamic, stylish, sporty and highly powerful. We provide all the necessary conveniences, and you can also rent GPS systems, baby seats, etc. from Veger, or you can use Rent a Car Varna with a chauffeur. 

You can also choose among our Mini, Compact, Standard, Economy, or family series of cars which can be rented with Rent a Car Varna. There are a number of spots worth exploring around the seaside capital of Bulgaria, and each series offers the necessary comforts, economical fuel consumption, such as the Economy Opel Corsa or Skoda Fabia, or mini class urban cars for driving around such as Peugeot 107 or Mitsubishi Colt.

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Porsche Cayenne  S 4x4 class
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Mercedes C Class LUXURY class
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