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Rent a car in Pleven | Find out more about Pleven


Pleven is the seventh most populous city in Bulgaria. It is located in the northern part of the country.

Renting a car from Veger rent a car gives you the opportunity to visit all the beautiful sights inside and surrounding the city. We also offer you car transfer from and to every point of Bulgaria. The one way transfer price Sofia-Pleven is:

 115Euro with Car 4+1

130Euro with Mini-van 6+1

140Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

160Euro with Lemousine 


Some of the more popular tourist sights include the St George the Conqueror Chapel Mausoleum in honour of the many Russian and Romanian soldiers who lost their lives during the Siege of Pleven and the ossuary in Skobelev Park.

The Pleven Regional Historical Museum is situated on the north bank of Tuchenica river near the center of the city.
South of the city is the famous Kaylaka park. It is spread over 10 km² and is surrounded by sheer cliffs that suggest favourable conditions for rock climbing. The beautiful nature and tourism infrastructure make the park a favorite spot for local people and tourists.

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