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Rent a Car in Shumen | Find out more about Shumen


Shumen is a city located in northeastern Bulgaria, the administrative center of Municipality of Shumen and the Shumen District. The city is the 10th most populous in the country.


The town lies at the foot of the plateau, which has an extremely varied nature. Through Shumen passes a small river, called Poroyna. About 3 km away from the new, modern of the city is the region called Hisarlaka (or  the Old Town), which is surrounded by steep ravines, which run year-round creeks.


The Complex "Founders of the Bulgarian state" is located on the Ilchov hill south of the city. It has specific architecture and sculpture and is displayed in the Bulgarian history from han Asparoukh to Simeon.
City History Museum is founded in 1904 by Rafael Popov.

From the time of the late Middle Ages in Shumen has several interesting cultural monuments.

One of them is Bezistena built for the needs of Dubrovnik merchants in the XVI century. Currently it houses the original restaurant.

Clock Tower of 1741 a stone prism with built-in fountain (ornate and labeled).

At once the most bustling administrative and commercial part of town is the original fountain Bullet (1744), which is covered with lead plates, hence the name.

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