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Rent a Car Bourgas, Bourgas Car Rental

If you arrive in Bulgaria via Bourgas Airport, use Veger’s services Rent a Car Bourgas to enjoy convenience and promptly reach your hotel and other destinations in Bourgas. 
At Veger, we recommend our Mini range of cars if you come individually. Chevrolet Spark and Citroen C1 cars are small, compact and practical, highly maneuverable. Nissan Micra is another Mini model with distinctive design and performance, and Mitsubishi Colt and Peugeot 107 are two other gems and favorites for city drives. All our Mini range models are equipped with state of the art technology, a host of extras, and enable fast reactions and safe driving in city traffic.
For families, Veger’s Family series offers the advantages of large space and sufficient room for plenty of baggage. The series features Opel Zefira and Opel Combo, and we definitely recommend the Combo for larger families, as its combination of a van with passenger space is the perfect solution for large family convenience. With Rent a Car Bourgas you can also enjoy driving an Opel Meriva, combining comfort and dynamic performance, another member of the Family Series that provides your convenience. 
We offer versatile rental services with Rent a Car Bourgas, offering you a choice among comfortable cars with excellent innovative design and smooth performance, with our Standard series. Chevrolet Epica or Ford Mondeo have all the extras for your comfort, and the spacious Volkswagen Passat or the economical Tyota Avensis are among the other perennial favorites for mobility and comfort in Bourgas tours. 

Special Car Rental Оffers

51.21 €
€51.21 / day

Ssang Yong Kyron 4x4 class
Ssang Yong Kyron
30 €
€30 / day

Toyota Auris COMPACT class
Toyota Auris
46.21 €
€46.21 / day

Opel Insignia STANDART class
Opel Insignia