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Rent a car in Kavarna | Learn more about Kavarna



Kavarna is a town in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is a popular destination because of its beautiful beaches, long history and interesting sights.

It provides great opportunities for ecotourism, fish and plant observations.

If you rent a car from VEGER Rent a Car you can enjoy not only the town but also its beautiful surroundings.  We offer you also car transfers From Sofia to Kavarna- The one way prices are:

180Euro with Car 4+1

200Euro with Mini-van 6+1

220Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

250Euro with Lemousine 


Dobruja and the Sea Display – its located in the renovated old Turkish bath – Hamama.

Town Museum - Materials, revealing the thousand-year old history of the town are displayed in its exposition.

The Ethnographic Museum represents an old house from the end of the 19th century that belonged to a rich family.

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