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Rent a car in Bansko | Find out more about Bansko


If you have come to spend an unforgettable holiday in the mountain resort of Bansko, your expectations will be met and surpassed in this internationally popular resort. The vicinity of Bansko abounds in places worth visiting, and Veger enables you to tour them with Rent a Car Bansko. Mountainous terrain is not a challenge for Veger’s 4X4 Series. BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Chevrolet Captiva, or Toyota Land Cruiser are just some of our array of 4X4s offered for convenient touring mountainous localities in all seasons. Veger’s 4X4s are highly passable, fully equipped with all necessary extras, and also feature lots of space and impressive design. 


The services of Rent a Car Bansko also offer a range of highly economical cars in Veger’s Standard series. We recommend Standard models such as Ford Mondeo, Opel Vectra, Opel Insignia, or Chevrolet Cruze. Ergonomic design is a staple for our Standard cars, and so are the numerous extras and dynamic performance. 

If you have come to Bansko with your family, Veger recommends our Famiy range of cars which are ideal for family tours in all seasons. Opel Zafira is one of the best family cars we recommend for the comfort of the whole family. Volkswagen Caddy offers both convenience and low fuel consumption. Opel Meriva boasts high maneuverability and compact interior space. Mazda 5 is a typical sporty minivan for up to 6 people. Veger’s family car range is the ideal choice when you seek to hire a car with Rent a Car Bansko.


Special Car Rental Оffers

30 €
€30 / day

Toyota Auris COMPACT class
Toyota Auris
43.92 €
€43.92 / day

Peugeot 301 STANDART class
Peugeot 301
68.33 €
€68.33 / day

Volkswagen Crafter BUSES class
Volkswagen Crafter