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OldSchool Productions"We had the pleasure to work together with Veger Rent a Car for some of our TV projects and we deeply recommend you the services of Veger as a loyal and correct partner of "Old School Productions".
With Veger rent a car our business trips are always comfortable and enjoyable. Renting cars, we feel secure and know that we can always rely on them.

Veger rent a car provided us with quality services in accordance with our bisiness standards and requirements. We appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness whit which they tackle every order. One can definitely trust "Veger rent a car".
The team of Veger rent a car we met is built of true professionals who charmed us with their enthusiasm and full co-operation.
Sisizar Accounting
We are glad that we found such professionals as Veger rent a car. They impressed us with their unique approach to each client and its needs.
As a client of "Veger rent a car", we would like to express our satisfaction of working with their team. Accuracy and honesty which they relate to our needs, are among the reasons to continue our business partnership.
Given the international business of our company for us is very important to have business communication with our partners in conditions of comfort and tranquility. This was provided by "Veger rent a car" only. That is why we continue to use their survices in the future.

We are impressed by the dedication and lightning response team Veger Rent a Car. I will definitely use your services again. Thou for the great attention that taking our company.
We used the services of Veger Rent a Car a few times and have always received service at the highest level. Will undoubtedly continue our joint work and will recommend your company to our partners and friends. We hope to keep you ever so devoted to their work! Until next time.

Put Veger Rent a Car in a situation where we had to serve the shortest possible time. Their team is professional and responded to refer the case on the fastest possible way. I will definitely use your services in the future.
We use cars Veger Rent a Car for almost a year and we never had a problem with our personnel, as well as cars. Identified service is very high and always has been due regard. We hope to continue our joint work in the future!

We work with Veger Rent a Car since its establishment. The staff are always treated fairly with us and will do anything to satisfy our requirements. Cars are in excellent condition and has never happened to have a technical problem with them. Will certainly continue to use your services in the future and will recommend you to our business partners.

Special Car Rental Оffers

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Mercedes ML 4x4 class
Mercedes ML
30 €
€30 / day

Toyota Auris COMPACT class
Toyota Auris
43.92 €
€43.92 / day

Dacia Logan STANDART class
Dacia Logan