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Stara Zagora is the sixth largest city in Bulgaria, situated in the southern part of Bulgaria. It is one of the main exonomic centers in Bulgaria.


The city is situated in the Field of Starazagora- east of the "Upper Thracian Plain", locked between Surnena Middle forest, the Svetiiliyskite Heights, the Monastery Heights, Sakar Mountain and the Chirpan Heights.


Bereketska Mound - the largest prehistoric settlement in Bulgaria. With height 17 m and diameter with more than 250 m in the base.

Hilendar convent - restoration of the convent of Mount Athos monastery Hilandar, that existed in the city. In this monastery had lived Levski for three years. Central to this is little exposure Levski in the Stara Zagora region.

Park Methods Kusev (Ayazmoto) - large artificial forest park on the slopes of the Central forest in the northern part of town. Its creator is the famous Renaissance figure Metropolitan Methodius Koussev. Today occupies an area of 2600 acres and is truly a botanical garden with various trees from many parts of the world. It hosts St. Theodore Tyron, Methodius monument Koussev, the monument of Aleko Konstantinov, zoo, health alleys, playgrounds - a great place for recreation and sport among exotic nature.

VEGER Rent a Car offers transfers from Sofia to Stara Zagora, so you can enjoy one of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns, using convenient for you to rent a car. 

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