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Car rental Sofia

The arrival to the airport of Sofia is the start of a comfortable and exciting stay in Bulgaria’s capital with the transport services we offer at Veger, providing you with a comprehensive range of vehicles to choose from with our Car Rental Sofia. Our Mini, Compact, Standard and Family ranges are suited to all needs and purposes so that you can visit a vast array of spots in vehicles which boast dynamic design, excellent performance and all cutting edge extras for pleasant tours. You can choose Veger’s Toyota Avensis Verso of the Family range to pick you and your family from Sofia Airport, or the Standard class Volkswagen Passat for stylish and easy drives. If you arrive in a larger group, Veger’s Buses range is the solution for you. With our Car Rental Sofia you can choose among first class carriages, offering plenty of room, lots of luggage space, and all the extras you may need. 

If you decide to explore Sofia’s surroundings, Veger extends the complete range of vehicles with Car Rental Sofia, offering not only Compact, Family and Standard range vehicles, but also 4X4 models for high passability, flexibility and style. Chevrolet Captiva, Ssang Yong Rexton, Nissan Pathfinder are just a few of the 4X4s which you can rent at great rates and enjoy their safety and maneuverability, all the extras you will need, in impressively stylish cars which will take you to a variety of picturesque places outside Sofia, such as Bankya spas and the Pancharevo dam. 


Rent a car Sofia

Car Rental Sofia

Car Hire Sofia


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Mercedes GL 4x4 class
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Toyota Avensis Verso FAMILY class
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Renault Laguna STANDART class
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