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Ahtopol is the southernmost city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located in the municipality of Tsarevo near the border with Turkey.

Ahtopol is situated on a rocky peninsula on the Black Sea and the foothills of Mount bronze.
VEGER Rent a Car offers transfers to any point in Bulgaria at any time of day. Renting a car for your holiday you are giving yourself more opportunities to make full use of your leisure time.


Ahtopol is part of the Natural Park Strandja. Strandja is the largest protected natural area in Bulgaria and is the only Bulgarian territory included in the five priority conservation areas in Central and Eastern Europe. Strandja passes over the second largest migratory paths of birds in Europe - Via Pontica.

Church of Ascension "built in 1776

Remains of the Monastery of Saint Yani "of 12 century.


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