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Rent a car in Sofia | Find out more about Sofia

If you come to Sofia for a business trip or on holiday, as soon as you step at the airport, you are welcomed by Veger’s care for your luxury and comfort with Rent a Car Sofia Airport.

Sofia is truly worth a visit, and your stay can start with the rental of one of our Luxury series vehicles, which is Veger’s special service delivered to pamper you with cars like Mini Cooper, a luxury favorite for discerning business and individual travellers. Mercedes CLK 270D is the epitome of comfort and style and an features impressive list of extras. For luxury combined with sporty look, Veger recommends the BMW 120D, for cutting edge technical improvements, complemented by luxury interior, and last but not least, safety guaranteed by a five star rating at crash tests. Audi A8 will meet your preferences for exclusive design, a long list of extras, comfort and elegance. Yet another luxury choice from Rent a Car Sofia Airport is the dynamic Mercedes C Class, with an innovative system, and all the extras that will form your luxury driving. 

For business and personal travels alike, you can use Rent a Car Sofia Airport and rely on Veger’s services for mobility and comfort in sumptuous interior cars, with more exclusive offers for the Luxury models range, like Crysler C300 or Mercedes S 350 L, or Volkswagen Passat CC you can rent a GPS system, or a luxury vehicle driven by a Veger chauffeur, for as many days as you need. 

Special Car Rental Оffers

€0 / day

Audi A6 LUXURY class
Audi A6
68.33 €
€68.33 / day

Volkswagen Caravelle  BUSES class
Volkswagen Caravelle
30 €
€30 / day

KIA Ceed COMPACT class
KIA Ceed