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Rent a Car in Golden Sands | Find out more about Golden Sands



 “Golden Sands” is the oldest of the three major seaside resorts. It is situated in the northern part of the Bulgarian seaside in Varna municipality. Its old name is “Uzun Kum”(“Long Sands”).

The cars you can rent from VEGER Rent a Car can provide additional comfort during your vacation at this beautiful place. We offer you also car transfers From Sofia to Golden Sands- The one way prices are:

210Euro with Car 4+1

235Euro with Mini-van 6+1

255Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

265Euro with Lemousine 


 Golden Sands Nature Park – was created in 1943. There are many developed tourist routes, places to rest, green schools on the park`s territory. There are over 500 plants at the park, 21 of which are protected species.

Special Car Rental Оffers

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BMW 3 Series Cabrio LUXURY class
BMW 3 Series Cabrio
62.44 €
€62.44 / day

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 class
Toyota Land Cruiser
50 €
€50 / day

Ford S-MAX FAMILY class
Ford S-MAX