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Rent a Car in Primorsko | Find out more about Primorsko



Primorsko is a city in southeastern Bulgaria. It is very famous summer resort that attracts many tourists. Primorsko is also and administrative center. 

Renting a car by VEGER Rent a Car you can explore places in the city and visit the nearby resorts not abide by schedules of local transport. We also offer you a car transfers from and to any point of Bulgaria. 



The whole coastline around Primorsko has many ruins of the ancient and great cities. The walls of the longest running location in the region - Ranuli, rise of the hill called today Vulchanovo Kale. In ancient times it was one of the larger coastal cities.

Thracian temple-observatory Beglik tash - set amongst the slopes of Cape Maslen circle of huge stones, in which moments of equinox and solstice sun passes, forming a kind of calendar.


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